AMi Advanced Solutions, Inc. presents an integration tool between Freshbooks and QuickBooks.

Transitioning to FreshBooks for invoicing was a very exciting step for our ancestor company IT MAX Group, but we knew that we needed QuickBooks to manage our business from an accounting perspective.

For more than four years we are successfully serving multiple clients in US, Canada, UK and some in Australia.

The service fee is $15 /month, no contracts, no software installation fees.

First week is FREE!

08/21/2013 - New version was released. It includes improved diagnostics and fix to FreshBooks tax rounding

03/04/2014 - New version was released. Fixes problems with payments due to unannounced changes in FreshBooks API

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Why would I want this?

  1. Save Time & Money

    We spent endless hours every month trying to keep invoices and payments in sync between FreshBooks and QuickBooks. Now we do it once a month in a few clicks.

  2. No More Manual Errors

    Manual reconciliation was inaccurate. Peolpe make mistakes...

  3. Have The Best of Both Worlds

    Our customers and the billing department love how simple FreshBooks invoicing is and we don't have to sacrifice the robust accounting functions of QuickBooks (our accountant loves us too).

What does this tool do?

  1. FreshBooks to QuickBooks invoice and payments push (QB 2008 and above)

  2. Synchronize customers and customer data between systems

  3. FreshBooks is the master for your invoicing and payments. Edit invoices, enter your payments in FreshBooks and they will sync in QuickBooks.

  4. Make Sales Taxes reporting in FreshBooks - pay Taxes in QuickBooks

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The service fee is $15 /month

First week is FREE!